Arnhem in the Netherlands provides the venue for the 16th round of the 2023 World Motocross Championships, with the location being brand new to the MXGP calendar, even if riders have ridden it before to test out their sand skills.

Following on from the MXGP of Sweden last weekend, Team HRC’s Ruben Fernandez and Tim Gajser both hope that things will go a bit better in the Dutch terrain, after what proved to be a testing pair of races in the Uddevalla rain.

Thankfully the weather forecast is much better for Arnhem, located in the east of the country, meaning that everyone can concentrate on tackling what will be the last sand race of the year. For Fernandez, it gives him another chance to show that his ability in the soft stuff is greatly improved, after managing a sixth in the second moto at Lommel. However, he is still recovering from the after-effects of his get-off in Finland and is a little behind where he’d want to be in terms of track time these past few weeks and as such must temper any expectations as the season enters its final few rounds.

Reigning world champion Gajser is in a slightly different position as he is hoping to step up his level in these last four rounds and get himself nearer the podium by the end of the season. Each round since his return from his broken femur has had some minor aspects go against him, but as always, he is staying in a positive frame of mind and approaching this new track with fresh enthusiasm that he will get back to his GP-winning form from last year.

With two support classes also riding this weekend, the MXGP schedule is in its familiar timeslots, with the free practice at 11am, followed by timed practice at 14:15 which gives the gate-picks for the Saturday qualification race at 17:25. They then have the Sunday morning warm-up at 10:45 before the two GP-scoring motos at 14:15 and 17:10 with the combined results hopefully giving both riders enough points to be standing on the podium.

Ruben Fernandez 70

Sweden went pretty well all things considered, so this weekend I’ll be hoping to build upon those results and get back a bit closer to where I was at the beginning of the season. Obviously this weekend is a sand track, which isn’t my favourite surface, but I’ve showed in Lommel that I’ve improved a lot with my riding in those conditions so this will give me another chance to show that and hopefully get another good points tally.

Tim Gajser 243

It seems like every weekend, small little things just aren’t going my way, but sometimes that is motocross and you just have to move on and forget about them, and try to concentrate on the next race. Even though my results weren’t great on Sunday, I was still happy with my riding over the weekend and at the moment, that is more my aim than any specific results. Of course, I want to challenge for wins and podiums but its more about just getting my level up and working on things during the weekend that I don’t normally get a chance to do. Another sand GP gives us another test and its one I’m looking forward to, where hopefully we’ll also have some good weather.

Marcus Pereira de Freitas

HRC General Manager - MXGP

This race will be the fifth event in six weeks, so it has been tough but everyone in the team has worked really hard over this period to give Ruben and Tim the best possible chances. We have been to Arnhem before for some practice sessions, but never in a race so it’ll be interesting to see what they’ve done with the track and how they’ve changed it. We know that it’ll be sandy so we are ready for that and both riders are hoping to put in the work necessary to be riding at the front of the field.

MXGP 2023

Rider standings

Pos. Rider Num Nation Points Team Constructor
1 Prado Garcia Jorge 61 SPA 770 Red Bull GasGas Factory Racing GasGas
2 Febvre Romain 3 FRA 672 Kawasaki Racing Team MXGP Kawasaki
3 Seewer Jeremy 91 SWI 603 Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP Team Yamaha
4 Coldenhoff Glenn 959 NDL 553 Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP Team Yamaha
5 Fernandez Ruben 70 SPA 521 Team HRC - MXGP Honda
6 Vlaanderen Calvin 10 NDL 498 Gebben Van Venrooy Yamaha Racing Yamaha
7 Herlings Jeffrey 84 NDL 455 Red Bull KTM Factory Racing KTM
8 Forato Alberto 303 ITA 380 SM Action Racing Team Yuasa Battery KTM
9 Guillod Valentin 92 SWI 281 Team Ship To Cycle Honda SR Motoblouz Honda
10 Renaux Maxime 959 FRA 230 Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP Team Yamaha
11 Paturel Benoit 6 FRA 212 De Baets Yamaha MX-Team Yamaha
12 Guadagnini Mattia 101 ITA 203 Red Bull GasGas Factory Racing GasGas
13 Evans Mitch 43 AUS 203 Kawasaki Racing Team MXGP Kawasaki
14 Watson Ben 919 GBR 191 MRT Racing Team Beta Beta
15 Östlund Alvin 161 SWE 178 JWR Honda Racing Honda
16 Bogers Brian 189 NDL 177 Standing Construct Honda MXGP Honda
17 Lupino Alessandro 77 ITA 140 MRT Racing Team Beta Beta
18 Koch Tom 226 GER 138 KTM Kosak Team KTM
19 Gajser Tim 243 SLO 113 Team HRC - MXGP Honda
20 van Doninck Brent 32 BEL 113 JM Honda Racing Honda
21 Van Horebeek Jeremy 89 BEL 110 Standing Construct Honda MXGP Honda
22 Spies Maximillian 71 GER 104 KTM Kosak Team KTM
23 Jonass Pauls 41 LAT 85 Standing Construct Honda MXGP Honda
24 Roosiorg Hardi 75 EST 52 JWR Honda Racing Honda
25 Haavisto Jere FIN 51
26 Petrov Petar BUL 43
27 Brumann Kevin 87 SWI 43 JK Racing Yamaha Active Yamaha
28 Jacobi Henry GER 29
29 Rubini Stephen 38 FRA 27 Team Ship To Cycle Honda SR Motoblouz Honda
30 Stewart Lewis AUS 25
31 Murray Nicholas 167 AUS 21 Wildcard Rider Husqvarna
32 Kullas Harri FIN 20
33 Maksum Hilman IDN 17
34 Koch Tim 86 GER 15 Wildcard Rider Suzuki
35 Gerhardsson Albin 52 SWE 14 Wildcard Rider Husqvarna
36 Sterry Adam 811 GBR 13 Wildcard Rider KTM
37 Kerhoas Lionel 988 FRA 12 Wildcard Rider Husqvarna
38 Ivanov Michael 97 BUL 11 Wildcard Rider Husqvarna
39 Leok Tanel EST 10
40 Goupillon Pierre 57 FRA 10 Wildcard Rider KTM
41 Krestinov Gert EST 10
42 Dickinson Ashton 115 GBR 9 Wildcard Rider KTM
43 Tonus Arnaud SWI 8
44 Sileika Tomass 637 LAT 7 Wildcard Rider GasGas
45 Monticelli Ivo ITA 6
46 Jost Simon 53 SLK 6 Wildcard Rider KTM
47 Sihvonen Miro FIN 6
48 Scheu Mark 991 GER 5 Wildcard Rider Husqvarna
49 Lusbo Andero EST 5
50 Poli Joaquin 179 ARG 5 Wildcard Rider Kawasaki
51 Mewse Conrad 426 GBR 4 Wildcard Rider Honda
52 Karlsson Danne 692 SWE 4 Wildcard Rider GasGas
53 Alberto Paulo POR 4
54 Tondel Cornelius NOR 3
55 Kohut Tomas 45 CZE 3 Wildcard Rider KTM
56 Purdon Tristan 141 RSA 3 Wildcard Rider KTM
57 Joergensen Mathias 221 DEN 2 Wildcard Rider Yamaha
58 Jazdauskas Domantas 181 LTU 2 Wildcard Rider KTM
59 Croci Simone 771 ITA 2 Wildcard Rider Husqvarna
60 Malaval Adrien FRA 2
61 Koch Nico 260 GER 2 Wildcard Rider KTM
62 Poli Agustin 98 ARG 1 Wildcard Rider Kawasaki
63 Ubach Simeo 724 SPA 1 Wildcard Rider Husqvarna
64 Van Berkel Lars 107 NDL 1 Wildcard Rider Honda
65 Jasikonis Arminas 2 LTU 1 Wildcard Rider GasGas
66 Clochet Jimmy 520 FRA 0 Wildcard Rider Honda
67 Sandner Michael 766 AUT 0 Wildcard Rider KTM
68 Outeiro Luis 147 POR 0 Wildcard Rider Yamaha
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