The inaugural Motocross Grand Prix of 2014 in Qatar started well for Team HRC with Evgeny Bobryshev crossing the line in third in the 20 minute (+two laps) qualifying race, and Max Nagl fighting his way to sixth.

Bobryshev make a searing start to jump into third from the opening lap, and despite nursing an ankle injury picked up in training, fought his way into second, closing on the lead. In the final third distance Bobby fought through the pain to hold onto third.

Max’s start was hampered by an unsighted rock beneath the soft sand, but after dropping to 16th he delivered a great performance to pass ten riders and cross the line 6th, despite the tight track being especially tricky to pass on.

Track action resumes tomorrow with the MXGP warm-up session at 1710hrs local time, then the first race at 2010hrs and race two starting at 2310hrs. Race distance is 30 minutes + two laps.

Evgeny Bobryshev 777

"I had a good start, and that’s really important because the track is a bit tight. I was sitting in third and managed to pass Guarneri and was closing down Strijbos but after 15 minutes I had more pain in my ankle. I had pain throughout the race, but it was worse at the end and it was difficult for me through right corners. I had to slow down as it was painful for me to use the leg.

I’m pretty much happy though and think we had a good race. We’ll think about today and about mistakes and put it all together for tomorrow. Today is the qualifying race so, it’s always nice to win, but 1st or 2nd is not so much difference and sometimes it’s better not to take the risk and be consistent."

Max Nagl 12

"The start was actually terrible here as what I didn’t know, and what nobody knew, was that there was a big rock underneath the start gate with just some sand on it, so fro the line I was spinning a lot and the rpm dropped.

It’s tough to pass here because it’s just one line everywhere, and with the big jumps you cannot make the pass into the turn because you have to jump behind each other, so it’s really important to make a good start.

The riding was good though after the start; I was feeling good and the bike was perfect. We don’t have to change a lot for tomorrow, just some small setups. I’m confortable tomorrow. If I can get a good start, I’m sure I can go with the top guys. I’m happy, it was a good day."

Roger Harvey

HRC General Manager - MXGP

"Considering Bobby’s carrying a bit of an injury, that was a good ride from him because you could see he was having difficulty with the right-handers. He made a good clean start and was chasing down Strijbos for the lead. Max was strong too – that’s the most aggressive I’ve seen him ride. Certainly more aggressive in that race than he’d been last year. Passing is tough here – everybody is running the same speed here so that makes it difficult to make up for a mistake, but Max passed ten riders, so he was riding well. It’s a good opening to the season."

MXGP 2014
Qualifying Round 1   Qatar

Results Session

Night Qualifying
Air Temp
Track Cond
Hard Pack
Pos. Rider Num Nation Team Constructor Time/Gap
1 Strijbos Kevin 22 BEL Rockstar Energy Suzuki World Suzuki 23:49.172
2 Paulin Gautier 21 FRA Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Kawasaki +4.343
3 Bobryshev Evgeny 777 RUS Team HRC - MXGP Honda +6.157
4 Frossard Steven 183 FRA Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Kawasaki +6.257
5 Guarneri Davide 39 ITA TM Ricci Racing TM +8.044
6 Nagl Max 12 GER Team HRC - MXGP Honda +8.748
7 Cairoli Antonio 222 ITA Red Bull KTM Factory Racing KTM +9.270
8 Desalle Clement 25 BEL Rockstar Energy Suzuki World Suzuki +17.343
9 Van Horebeek Jeremy 89 BEL Yamaha Factory Racing Yamaha +23.960
10 Philippaerts David 19 ITA DP19 Racing Yamaha +30.413
11 Roelants Joel 34 BEL J-Race Racing Honda +31.974
12 Karro Matiss 91 LAT Wilvo Forkrent KTM KTM +38.269
13 Rattray Tyla 28 RSA Red Bull IceOne Husqvarna Factory Racing Husqvarna +43.708
14 Searle Tommy 100 GBR CLS Kawasaki Monster Energy Kawasaki +46.154
15 Boog Xavier 121 FRA 24MX Lucas Oil Honda Honda +48.331
16 Nicholls Jake 45 GBR Wilvo Forkrent KTM KTM +49.472
17 Goncalves Rui 999 POR Bike It Yamaha Cosworth Yamaha +50.517
18 Leok Tanel 3 EST TM Ricci Racing TM +52.555
19 Justs Augusts 95 LAT Latvia Husqvarna Racing Husqvarna +1:06.301
20 Gercar Klemen 62 SLO Honda Jtech Honda +1:33.565
21 Runnals Ross Ian 411 RSA Wildcard Rider Kawasaki +1 lap
22 Simpson Shaun 24 GBR Hitachi Construction Machinery KTM UK KTM +4 laps
23 Getteman Jens 51 BEL 24MX Lucas Oil Honda Honda +6 laps
24 Waters Todd 47 AUS Red Bull IceOne Husqvarna Factory Racing Husqvarna +7 laps
25 Sabetifar Amirezza 69 IRA Wildcard Rider Yamaha +12 laps
Location Information

Losail International Circuit, Al Daayen, Qatar - View in Google Maps